Medical Vs Vision Insurance

What is better: Medical vs Vision Insurance

Did you know medical insurance pays for eye care?

One of the most common misconceptions that exists regarding vision care is the difference between a “Vision Plan” and “Medical Insurance”.

As indicated by its name, a vision “Plan” is not insurance and it does not pay for medical eye care or cover unexpected costs. In simple terms, it is a discount plan that helps offset the cost of an annual vision exam and in many cases the purchase of glasses or contacts lenses. For example, if you lose your glasses and need to purchase a new pair before your benefit renews (usually yearly) the “Vision Plan” will not pay for a replacement pair of glasses or another exam.

Due to the fact that most “Vision Plans” renew annually, many people believe they can’t visit their eye doctor more than once a year even if they have other problems. This is where “Medical Insurance” comes in. Visiting your eye doctor is just like visiting your family physician for a sore throat. Let’s say you injure your eye or get an eye infection just a few weeks after your last annual vision exam; you won’t have any coverage right? Wrong, as long as you have Medical Insurance it will be covered. Medical Insurance will pay for eye exams if there is a medical problem or complaint. Here is another example. Lets say you go in for your annual vision exam and Dr Yonkee finds signs of an eye disease like “Glaucoma” and you need further evaluation and testing. Your vision plan won’t pay for this additional care, so Dr. Yonkee would simply schedule you back for the additional medical care required, which can then be submitted to your “Medical Insurance” for coverage.

Our office accepts most “Vision Plans” and “Medical Insurance” policies and provides both vision and medical eye care services, including urgent care. If have questions about insurance or anything else please contact us by email, phone, or through our web site and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

For more information regarding Medical vs Vision Insurance, get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

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