Why Choose Us

  1. Experienced doctor of optometry
    Our doctor will take the time to thoroughly examine the health of your eyes as well as determine the perfect prescription for all your visual needs.
  2. Experienced staff
    Our staff is top-notch with a tremendous amount of product knowledge and experience. You’ll totally enjoy working with them.
  3. One year warranty on all frames
    If for any reason (except loss, theft, or extreme abuse) you need your frame repaired or replaced, we will do it at no charge for two years from the date of purchase.
  4. One year warranty on lenses with specialty coating (i.e anti-reflective, polarized, etc.)
    Lenses with specialty coatings will be remade one time (in a two year period from the date of purchase and limited to the same prescription), if the following occurs, chipping, warping or peeling.  *an additional scratch warranty may be purchased*
  5. Same day service available
    Our office is equiped with an on-site lab where you may recieve your eyewear the same day. *some restrictions apply*
  6. Wide selection of frame styles
    Our dispensary has hundreds of frames from which to choose, including a large selection of designer and children’s frames.
  7. Latest high-tech lens coatings
    We use only the most reputable laboratories in the country for our specialty coatings, which guarantees you better vision and durability.
  8. We stand behind our prescriptions
    Our doctor is available to review your prescription needs if you have any difficulties (at no charge). We want you to love your glasses or contact lenses!
  9. We stand behind our contact lenses
    Our exclusive ‘Buy ‘em Back’ policy guarantees that you won’t be paying for contact lenses that you can’t adapt to. Just another reason that sets us apart from the rest.
  10. Highest quality available
    We use only the highest quality materials for your eyewear. We utilize a local professional lab with a national reputation to guarantee the finest quality finished product. Your eyewear will normally be ready within seven to ten working days. We are not striving to be the fastest, just the best. 

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Hours of Operation

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